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Cool As Ice Tool Of The Month Combo

Cool As Ice Tool Of The Month Combo

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Stay Cool As Ice This Summer With Our Very Special June Tool Of The Month Combo

We have created a very special Tool Of The Month Combo this month to help you, and your clients, stay cool this summer. When you order this Tool of The  Month Combo you will receive one full size 50ml bottle of Cooling Magical Mist + Postive Aura Spray and one Stainless Steel Mushroom Gua Sha Compression Tool.

Ziggie Says: "Imagine a client arriving on a hot day and putting ice-cold mushrooms behind the ears, on the temples, and around the eyes - especially if they suffer from hay fever."

Rosewater is a key ingredient in our Magical Mist and has long been recognised for it's wonderful cooling properties, helping to hydrate and refresh your skin in hot weather. Simply mist the skin to enjoy the wonderfully cooling sensation.

Our solid Stainless Steel Mushroom Gua Sha compression tool is naturally cooling, the smooth cold surface adds a Cryo treatment benefit raved about by beauty editors, to help remove puffiness and encourage a radiant glow. 

Cool Tip - place your Magical Mist + Positive & Stainless Steel Gua Sha in the fridge to cloud your clients in a beautiful cooling aura spray and enhance the cooling benefits of stainless steel.

Safety: Please do not cool your stainless steel tools in your freezer. The tool will become too cold and may adhere to the skin. Only cool your Stainless Steel tools in the refrigerator.

Please note this Combo is available while stocks last

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