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Amethyst Sphere Roller

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Our advanced roller design with an amethyst sphere gives you a very focused forward surface for perfect control in your treatments.

Calming Amethyst is known as the stone of peace and tranquility. 

Rather than using a roller for working larger smooth surfaces of the skin, the remarkable precision provided by this unique design gives you the ability to apply roller techniques to very detailed areas.

Healing Benefits

Amethyst is the peace crystal and has a calming effect on any imbalance of emotions. Also it can help neurological conditions. Amethyst is associated with the skin and throat so perfect for using on the face. It helps clear heat so ideal for Menopause and is used in Chinese Medicine to help bloating, .migraines (use cold around the eyes) angry outbursts, skin conditions due to stress. Amethyst can also help clear alcohol from the system quickly.

The sphere is 2.5cm in diameter, the length of the tool is 13cm

The handle is made of electroplated surgical grade stainless steel and does not contain nickel.