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  • Premium Skincare for Therapists

    Take your treatments to the next level with organic handcrafted products that work. As a professional therapist you can purchase products wholesale to sell to your clients offering you an extra income by sharing something you believe in.

  • Aura Activating

    The Zone Face Lift award winning Skincare range are the first premium products designed exclusively for professional therapists. Each one has a different magical ingredient to activate the aura and adds a healing transformational experience to your treatments.

  • Self-Care Tutorials

    Expect some powerful content over the next few months with regular self-care techniques using our skincare & tools you can share with clients.

Professional Therapists Training

Ziggie Bergman is a renowned teacher, healer and expert in Facial Reflexology, Gua Sha and Facial Cupping. Her advice and work has been featured in magazines such as Tatler and Harpers Bazaar and she has a clinic in Knightsbridge, London with an A List Celebrity following.

" Working at the top of my profession in London, New York, Paris, LA and Tokyo I can help you to reach your potential and make the impossible possible."

The specialist post graduate training will help you elevate your treatments and teach you to become a Gua Sha Master and use each tool at an advanced level to achieve the best results, our training can also help you stand out in your field and also achieve even better results for both health and wellbeing and helping your clients age well. We are all about healthy ageing and focus on a psycho spiritual approach with the mind, body and soul.

Training is for qualified Reflexologists, Massage and Beauty Therapists.

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PS- If you have purchased a tool or skincare and want to learn how to use it (and are not a professional therapist) follow our Instagram page @zonefacelift for regular tips and tutorials including for self-care.

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“We set out to create products that harnessed the magical properties of sacred plants to renew the skin. Inspired by Native American shamans and healers in New Mexico, we saw the power of plants to heal the spirit and it has been a dream to apply this power to nourish the skin and beautify the face. Each ingredient is anointed with an intention of love just for you which we believe is one of the magic ingredients.”

- Ziggie & Arno