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Amethyst Wand

Amethyst Wand

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I recommend Amethyst Wands for both Facial Reflexology and Gua Sha precision work and healing treatments.  These wands are also used in the Facial Gua Sha Mastery CPD course.

Healing Benefits

Amethyst is the peace crystal and has a calming effect on any imbalance of emotions. Also it can help neurological conditions. Amethyst is associated with the skin and throat so perfect for using on the face. It helps clear heat so ideal for Menopause and is used in Chinese Medicine to help bloating, migraines (use cold around the eyes) angry outbursts, skin conditions due to stress. It can also be used to open the diaphragm so either used on the Facial Reflexology Diaphragm reflex or hold in the palm of your hand for self-care to open the chest. Amethyst can also help clear alcohol from the system quickly.

Each beautiful handcrafted wand is unique in it's colouring and pattern. Every wand is between 11-12cm long and 2-2.5cm wide at the widest point and tapers to a perfectly rounded point. As with all ZFL pro tools we inspect every wand to ensure it is perfect for your treatments. 

Ziggie says:

If you warm amethyst crystals they emit far infrared rays, which boost energy and healing and increases radiance.  (this should only be done after professional training).

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