Collection: Facial Gua Sha Mastery Tools

This collection shows you the tools required for the Facial Gua Sha Mastery - Stone Medicine training with Ziggie Bergman for qualified therapists. 

To help you purchase these tools we are giving you 40% off. If you already one or more of the tools which have specific edges and sizes then you can simply purchase the ones you don't have yet separately.

You will need:

1 x Jagged Edge (there are two design shapes to choose from)

2 x Mushrooms

1 x Wand

1 x Spoon 

1x Sphere Roller

1x Quartz Moon Disc

1x Comb


*Please note the image shows silhouettes only so you can easily see the shapes of tools required. The product description + images tell you what's in the bundle or images show what individual tools look like.

Optional: I will demonstrate in training how to work with x2 spoons and x2 jagged edge tools. If you would like to work with 2 then add these to your order and select the same stone for both.

In this selection of beautifully handcrafted tools you can create your own selection of tools, or you can choose one of the convenient bundles which will give you every tool needed for the course. 

Facial Gua Sha Mastery - Stone Medicine Tools