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The Facial Gua Sha has taken TicTok by storm and is unquestionably the self-care revolution of the pandemic. With devotees showing off before and after pictures of sculpted jawlines, clearer skin and sharper cheekbones. With so many people taking self-care into their own hands, it might seem worrying for us as professional therapists, however the opposite is true, and demand for Gua Sha facials is higher than ever. There has been a public shift, from having traditional facials or massage to wanting something more, an experience, not just a service. Adding Facial Gua Sha Mastery to your therapies, will transform the way you work, harnessing ancient and modern techniques to help you stand out from the competition, attract new clients, and most importantly get amazing results for your clients.

“Just in the past few months after training with me, I have several therapists who won awards, had reviews in local press, two appeared on national TV in Canada and the UK demonstrating some of the skills they learned, another went from charging £45 in Yorkshire to landing a job in a top London hotel spa and now charges £180 an hr. So learning world class skills will not only help your clients, they will help you transform and discover abilities you never dreamed possible....and your business, which is more important than ever in difficult times clients must see you as an essential part of their wellbeing”.

The Facial Gua Sha Mastery 2 day course is available either in-person or on Zoom and is open to all professional reflexologists, massage and beauty therapists, teach you the ancient Daoist tradition of Stone Medicine, giving deeper and profound meaning to the gua sha and its application for both health and healing as well as facial sculpting and lifting. As the face hold emotions every line and marking on the face has a deeper meaning which you will explore during this training. You will also learn to use the tools warm for additional benefits, as hot crystals emit infra-red which is used within the NHS for not only skin conditions but also to improve vessel structure and function in the eyes and brain.

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BONUS: Cranial Gua Sha module if you register before 31st December 2022.

(Regular price is £749 from 2023) current FR graduates look out for a special offer.

Ziggie Bergman is a pioneer in facial gua sha and  one of the first to bring this ancient therapy to the UK, after learning gua sha in Japan in 1992. She later deepened her knowledge and art of gua sha at the College of Chinese Medicine, where she also studied Facial Cupping. So you will be learning from a gua sha master with 30 years of experience, and by the end of the training you will confidently be able to master protocols to support clients to age well and also learn additional heath and wellbeing techniques with a psycho-spiritual approach to balancing the mind, body and soul.

This training will teach you how to become a Facial Gua Sha Master Practitoner, with the most advanced professional therapists training of its kind. Using 6 different crystal or stainless steel tools all with unique benefits you'll learn to lift and sculpt the face, neck and decollate. This advanced training will teach you a stand alone Gua Sha Master signature treatment and also includes some of the unique Zone Face Lift sculptural massage. It not just about having the right shaped tool it’s all about how you use them and adapt for different skin conditions, the age of your client, shape of face. These advanced techniques can also be added to your Zone Face Lift, Facial Reflexology and Beauty treatments. 

It is open to all qualified complementary and beauty therapists and you do not need to have studied gua sha before.

Pre-requisite: Level 3 or equivalent in Massage, Beauty or Reflexology.

You will receive a 40% discount code to help you purchase the tools required for the course. If you have trained with me before you may have some of these gua sha already. I will send details once you have registered. Pre-Order you Facial Gua Sha Mastery Tool Bundle now before 31st December and we’ll send you our beautiful Pomegranate, Frankincense and Rose Facial Oil formulated for pro treatments for FREE.

This course will be accredited by January 2023.