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ASMR Peruvian Seed Rattle Bamboo

ASMR Peruvian Seed Rattle Bamboo

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Please note our current stock of these rattles has a purple coloured handle

Discover the soothing sounds of our ASMR Peruvian Rattle with a bamboo handle. Handmade in Peru, this seed pod rattle is a traditional percussion instrument used in sacred ceremonial dances. The gentle rattling is reminiscent of a peaceful rain, providing a calming experience. 

Ziggie says: "My first shaman and teacher taught me how to journey on the sound of the rattle. The rattle is one of the most important helpers in the shaman’s tool kit. Most of us had rattles as young children, so there are often sweet and magical associations with this sound. For ASMR and Spiritual work, I use the rattle to call out to the Spirits for assistance. This could be God or a Higher Power it can be personal to your beliefs. It's used symbolically and as you rattle you are asking for help, power, healing, knowledge, or wisdom and the vibration of the percussion will help to dislodge stuck negativity, energy and call to the deeper soul connection". 

The bamboo handle of this rattle gives a somewhat softer and deeper tone than the Seed Stick Rattle included in the ASMR Tool Bundle. The Bamboo rattle has a handle that is either red, purple, or green.

The rattle is approximately 17cm long.

Handmade in Peru

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