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Zone Face Lift

Gold Acupressure Roller

Gold Acupressure Roller

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This beautifully made Gold Acupressure Roller is a wonderful tool to elevate your facial treatments and your personal facial care.

Boost collagen production and increase blood circulation with our gold acupressure roller. Roll gently across the skin in the direction of the arrows (see chart) as your guide.

Gold is known for its antibacterial benefits and bringing warmth, as well as supporting healing with its soothing energy. Gold is linked to the empowerment of the higher chakras, including the heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and the crown chakra - areas all accessed during a facial treatment.

Cleaning Your Gold Roller

For self-care wash in warm soap and water daily and roll on a clean towel to dry. If you wear lots of make-up use an old toothbrush to make sure all the spokes are clean. Sterilise in Milton's baby bottle steriliser tablets, 1/4 in a glass of water for 15 mins and rinse off and dry.

Do not use in professional treatments without training. The gold roller instruction is included in the Zone Face Lift training.

* These tools are not suitable for use over areas with skin cancer, sensitive skin, any skin conditions, rosacea, and work around any skin tags or moles you should never smooth over raised acne. Please email us if unsure.

This tool is made of electroplated solid copper and does not contain nickel.

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