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Zone Facer Lift

Sodalite Jagged Edge Lips Gua Sha

Sodalite Jagged Edge Lips Gua Sha

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This lip shaped next generation gua sha can be used daily as part of your self care ritual or for professional treatments. They are an effective tool to stimulate lymphatic drainage (their use increases microcirculation by up to 400%) to remove puffiness, diminish lines and wrinkles and tighter skin by simulating collagen and elastin. The jagged edge is gentle but increases effectiveness to release tension and emotions held in the face and is especially effective on any lines, on the neck and décolletage.

Ziggie says:

"I love the imperfections of these stones, which for me represent life which is not always smooth and going as planned, but beautiful all the same."

Healing Benefits

Sodalite has a strong vibration which helps the development of psychic abilities and  intuition.

It is raised from the very deepest levels of the earth though volcanic activity from centuries ago and therefore helps a deeper connection to mother earth and the rhythm of life. 

Sodalite simulates the third eye chakra, a spiritually opening chakra which commands the energy flow within the body. It also encourages deep journeying, so is ideal for Zone Face Lift. So, beyond the physical function of the shape and techniques used in gua sha sodalite naturally calms the heart and mind to enhance energy giving your mind the power to think and function.

Always apply a little Zone Face Lift Elixir or Rose + Frankincense Facial Treatment Oil before use to help the tool glide across the skin rather than pull it.

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