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Amethyst Mushroom Gua Sha - Set of Two - July Tool Of The Month

Amethyst Mushroom Gua Sha - Set of Two - July Tool Of The Month

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Set Of Two Amethyst Mushrooms

These mushroom compression tools help you stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness, as well as stimulates collagen and elastin production. In the Zone Face Lift treatment we use two together, working on both sides of the face together. The larger end works well over the cheeks, forehead and sides of the neck while the smaller end is perfect for around the eyes. Always apply a little elixir or facial oil before use so they glide across the skin rather than pull it.

Healing Benefits

Amethyst is the peace crystal and has a calming effect on any imbalance of emotions. Also it can help neurological conditions. Amethyst is associated with the skin and throat so perfect for using on the face. It helps clear heat so ideal for Menopause and is used in Chinese Medicine to help bloating, migraines (use cold around the eyes) angry outbursts, skin conditions due to stress. It can also be used to open the diaphragm so either used on the Facial Reflexology Diaphragm reflex or hold in the palm of your hand for self-care to open the chest. 

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