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Zone Face Lift

ASMR Course Tool Bundle

ASMR Course Tool Bundle

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 Whilst many of the ASMR tools are homemade or free like the wrapping you received our products in, we have carefully curated this collection of additional tools which Ziggie uses in the ASMR professional training.

Ziggie says: "My first shaman and teacher taught me how to journey on the sound of the drum and rattle. The rattle is one of the most important helpers in the shaman’s tool kit. Most of us had rattles as young children, so there are often sweet and magical associations with this sound, however for ASMR and Spiritual work, I use the rattle to call out to the Spirits for assistance.  This could be God or a Higher Power it can be personal to your beliefs. It's used symbolically and as you rattle you are asking for help, power, healing, knowledge, or wisdom and the vibration of the percussion will help to dislodge stuck negativity, energy and call to the deeper soul connection. 

A Smudge Feather is used with a sacred herb or flower like White Sage to fan the smoke and sweep over you or your client in a healing ritual. Feathers are believed to be agents of spiritual power and are often spoken of in storytelling of the oral tradition and in folklore. Feathers symbolise trust, honour, strength, wisdom, power and freedom. Also within ASMR feathers can be gently stroked over the ears, face neck arms and body  as the shiver, tickle effect is another way to help release emotions and list the spirit.

Our custom ZFL Head Massager is made from eco grade silicone so it is soft to the tough and pliable. Working with this soft pliable tool deeply into the scalp helps emotional release and encourages a feeling of connection, serenity, clear thoughts and re-set of the spirit. It will help ease tension and can also be used on the neck, shoulders, decollate and (with oil or cleanser applied) be gently used on the face instead of a lymphatic brush. It is easy to clean for both self-care and professional use".Whether for professional treatments or self-care, I created this tool to be soft and gentle for use on both the scalp, face, neck and decollate. It feels amazing and assists in lymphatic drainage. It's also easier to clean than a lymphatic brush for pro treatments."

When you order this bundle you will receive

Bamboo Stick Rattle

ZFL Head Massager

Smudge Feather

Sage Stick

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