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ASMR Smudge Feather

ASMR Smudge Feather

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Experience the calming and cleansing power of ASMR with our natural barred wing turkey feather. Ideal for smudging rituals, this feather is hand-selected for its size and comes with a turquoise bead for a touch of personalization. Each feather is unique, adding a special touch to your cleansing, purification, and prayer work.

Ziggie says: "A Smudge Feather is used with a sacred herb or flower like White Sage to fan the smoke and sweep over you or your client in a healing ritual. Feathers are believed to be agents of spiritual power and are often spoken of in storytelling of the oral tradition and in folklore. Feathers symbolise trust, honour, strength, wisdom, power and freedom. Also within ASMR feathers can be gently stroked over the ears, face neck arms and body  as the shiver, tickle effect is another way to help release emotions and list the spirit."

Each feather is traditionally handtied in Canada. The feather is 25-30cm long and features a leather wrap and turquoise bead. 

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