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ZFL Stainless Steel Facial Tool Bundle

ZFL Stainless Steel Facial Tool Bundle

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This bundle includes

2 ZFL Stainless Steel Mushroom Tools

1 ZFL Gold Acupressure Roller

1 ZFL Stainless Steel Jagged Edge Gua Sha Facial Tool 

Each precision crafted tool has a unique function to increase the results which you can often see within a few strokes. 

Always apply a little elixir or facial oil before use so they glide across the skin.

There are so many benefits to using stainless steel.

Stainless Steel  is cool to the touch which has a therapeutic benefit to the skin and used gently encourages lymphatic drainage.

Contemporary design with additional jagged edge to increase effectiveness in sculpting and smoothing out lines and wrinkles

Ideal for sensitive skin or allergies

It is low maintenance and easy to clean

Offers an effective alternative if you prefer to not use crystal tools

These 3 tools are used and required for the Zone Face Lift CPD training you have a choice of black obsidian, Mookaite and blood stone or stainless steel at different price points. Visit for details on the training.

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